Troll Slaying Renegades

Session 2

April 12, 2012

Having bested the Giant Weasel, the party determines to continue exploring the Haunted House. Acacia succeeds in tempting the war pony to attempt to jump back up to the first floor. After a successful jump, the war pony goes outside to wait for the party to return. The Warblade excuses himself from the party and goes outside to watch for anyone that might try to sneak up on the party. In reality, he was so shaken by his poor performance in combat that he needed some time to steady his nerves.

Acacia leads the war pony outside while Zekel Thruf and the Paladin explore the house. They find a metal box hidden behind a loose stone in a fireplace. In recovering the box they arouse the ire of a giant spider which they best in combat. After failed attempts to pick the lock on the metal box the decision is made to bash it open. The sounds of the hammering draw the attention of two giant ants. Acacia returns to assist in the battle with the ants and manages to deal Zekel Thruf a good blow with an errant bullet from her sling. The ants are handily defeated. The metal box is prized open and a ring is discovered inside.

The party discovers a ring of mushrooms growing in one room, but Acacia is familiar with the species and recognizes them as harmless. Zekel Thruf discovers another loose stone in a fireplace, this time up the chimney a ways. He recovers from behind it a pouch with some coins and a gem of some sort.

Upon entering the kitchen, an ominous and terrifying disembodied voice is heard. Acacia is overcome with fear and flees, reuniting with her war pony outside. Zekel Thruf and the Paladin are stalwart and do not run. Instead, Zekel Thruf discovers a secret trapdoor in the floor that leads down to a cellar.

In the cellar, the party find a large room with cots along the south wall and a long dining table. At the dining table is a human figure. When the human sees the party, he grabs his short sword and rushes forward, clearly meaning to do harm. The Paladin bests the human assailant.

Acacia having overcome her fear, returns to the party. A secret door is discovered on the north wall of the cellar.

Session 1

March 25, 2012

Upon entering Saltmarsh your party splits up. The Paladin and Zekel Thruf head for the Temple of Fharlanghn while Acacia and Aadrick Ward make their way to the Winter Wolf Tavern.

Later, everyone reunites at the Winter Wolf Tavern. Aadrick Ward insults the honor and dignity of Loraaga Darkeyes, the waitress and daughter of the tavern owner and barkeep, Leoeak Darkeyes. After enjoying some of the best food and ale any of the party has had in a long time, the party makes for the Inn of Four Winds, with Aadrick Ward remaining behind to speak with Darkas Gellantara.

The party takes rooms at the Inn of Four Winds. There they meet Ricward Spelloyal. As the Paladin has made a good first impression, the first members of the party to arrive are given a discounted room rate of 3 sp per night. Acacia attempts to sneak out to the stable and release any animals there, but the innkeeper detects her and instead provides fresh vegetables to the animals.

Zekel Thruf attempts to sneak into the innkeeper’s room but fails to do so silently. Hastily, Zekel Thruf returns to the safety of his room.

When Aadrick Ward arrives, he is charged the full price of 5 sp. This is in part due to the frazzled nerves of the innkeeper that are on edge due to the attempt of an unknown person to enter his quarters.

The party retires for the night.

The next morning, the party sets out to join the fishermen in hopes of learning more about unexplained lights seen offshore. The party joins Darkas Gellantara on his fishing boat and is taken out to sea that morning on the condition that they assist with the fishing duties. After performing fairly at the job, Darkas agrees to take the party to where he had witnessed the lights before. A storm appears to the east and forces the ship to return to port. The party learns that there are no long range, sea-faring vessels in Saltmarsh.

The party beats the storm back to port. They take their ration of fish that they earned and have it smoked and turned into provisions that will last up to two weeks. The Paladin remembers being invited to attend the Town Council meeting and sets off to the Town Hall.

The party learns of the Haunted House that is roughly a twenty minute hike to the East of town. They learn of an old drunk named Mareak Armorsmith who hangs out at the Winter Wolf Tavern. Mareak claims to have investigated the Haunted House and entered through the kitchen door in the back. Upon entering he began to make his way down into the cellar when he was greeted by the ghastly sight of a vampire surrounded by a swarm of rats coming up the stairs towards him. He ran away and never went back.

The party reunites at the Haunted House. Zekel Thruf makes a lap around the building. The party then enters through the front door. Acacia’s war pony proves too heavy for the old rotting floorboards of the entry and falls through to the cellar. While the pony is unharmed, Acacia takes a fall while attempting to get to the pony to provide aid.

At this moment, a giant weasel appears in the corridor ahead, having been aroused by the crashing sounds and commotion. Zekel Thruf provides assistance to Acacia while the Paladin and Aadrick Ward engage the weasel. After a vicious struggle, one in which Aadrick Ward dropped his sword, the weasel is felled.

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

As an intrepid, albeit novice, adventurer you have followed rumors of a town with worthy work for those in your profession to Saltmarsh. It is a small coastal town. Having made your way there, you meet up with a band of like-minded individuals and decide that there is power, and safety, in numbers.

It is now time to ask around about the rumors, and begin to earn your fame and fortune.


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